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INTRODUCING our NEW! Our INTENSE CONDITIONING, DEEPLY HYDRATING, LIMITED WINTER EDITION HAND WASH. With pure essential oils of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Peppermint and Pine this hardworking, hydrating hand wash brings pure luxury, every time you cleanse your hands.

When JO DIX our Production Kitchen Maven suggested (actually made, and left on my desk) a seasonal 'take' on our 'yet to be launched' Intense Conditioning Hand Wash, I couldn't resist. Once tried, never to be 'hand washed' without.

OUR LUXURY GEL TO MILK FORMULA hydrates, softens and soothes. Hands should feel soft to the touch, nourished and hydrated. They both deserve and more importantly need, the same level of care and attention we apply to our face, keeping them soft, supple, hydrated, nourished and conditioned to prevent dry, itchy and uncomfortable, pre aged skin.

Choosing jojoba, oat and rice bran oils, Intense Conditioning Hand Wash in our LIMITED WINTER EDITION cleanses, moisturises, restores and rejuvenates hands whilst nourishing nails and cuticles IN THE MOST SEASONAL WAY.

It makes washing your hands a complete, replenishing joy and gives a moment of calm in amongst any seasonal, handwashing madness.

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By Helen A (55-64) on 27th November, 2023
"OMG literally Christmas in a bottle but not too heavy a smell, its warming but fresh and my hands smell for ages after washing. They feel soft after each wash so must be really good for my dry, winter hands. This is going on my list to Santa."