PEACE Body Splash oil 150ml & REVIVE Body Splash Oil 150ml

2 x 150ml


Worth $93, Our Seasonal gifting duo to take you through the holidays whatever the mood.
All of our BODY SPLASH OILS are based in golden, pro collagen, pro elastin Jojoba from Peru blended with moisture rich Coconut oils from Sri Lanka. Jojoba Oil is a golden liquid wax that mimics the skins natural wax production and can penetrate deep into the skins layers to replenish and restore. Coconut soothes, repairs and softens.

PEACE BODY SPLASH OIL - Comforting, relaxing & warming, a base rhythm to comfort and soothe. To put a full stop on what has gone before and help you fully exhale. PEACE de stresses, leaving you ready to face the world again.

REVIVE BODY SPLASH OIL - is a clarifying, energising vibration with a stimulating and refreshing high point. REVIVE awakens your entire being. Leaving your mind alert and your body 'chilled' this blend is a clean sweep. REVIVE presses 'refresh' on life

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