Our Commitment

Jane Scrivner has always had an ethical heart and we want you to continue enjoying the products you love without concern and trusting that we are doing all we can to protect the environment, so here is a reminder of our approach as well as our commitment for the future.

 Cruelty free

We don’t test our products on animals. None of our ingredients are tested on animals and all our products are made in the UK.

 Plant derived

We are 100% natural and organic and 99% plant derived (the small exception being the use of organic beeswax in our cleanser and lip balm). 

Soil association, Cosmos and EcoCert Ingredients used

JS is committed to using certified organic ingredients from certified organic suppliers. We don’t use artificial fragrance and we are totally paraben and SLS free. You also won’t find phthalates, sulphates, silicones, or petrochemicals in our products.

 FSC packaging

We use FSC approved packaging across our range. Each and every day we are finding ways to convert to planet loving from planet filling and working towards ‘less is more’ across all packaging and processes. What we do use is recyclable.

We choose sustainable materials for our scoops (bamboo) and our legendary fluffy mitts are supplied via a UK intermediary, from a factory in Turkey. The factory follows an eco-friendly charter and is monitored by our supplier to ensure ethical trading practices and conditions for workers.

 Made in England

Our range is made almost entirely by hand at our HQ in Stratford upon Avon in our production kitchen. While we are British owned and operated, we do have a handful of global partners. We transport abroad by road with less than 10 per cent of our products sent via to Australia and the USA.

 Small batch

We only make and pour what we need in small batches. This means the ingredients stay fresh, the pour of your product is fresh and you get fresh food fresh for your skin. It also means, of course, we don’t waste a drop of our formulations.

 Ethical suppliers

We choose single producer, experienced harvesters, and intelligent suppliers with integrity. We deal direct with some of the producers of the worlds best oils and extracts.