Essential oils play a unique role in the Jane Scrivner product range. Each formula has a very accurately formulated essential oil blend, formulated to enhance the specific skincare performance of each product – to ‘match’ the purpose of the product. We choose a single estate Italian Lavender in Skinfoliate AHA/BHA Exfoliator for its soothing and comforting properties for skin once the natural acids have been applied. Morning Barrier Balm essential oil blend includes Curcuma to repair damage, reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring with Star Anise to purify, soften and smooth skin.

BUT alongside formulating for skinprovement, we also formulate for the blend to also bring the emotional and mood enhancing properties they are famous for – so you get more than just award-winning skincare, you get the fabulous, mood enhancing and emotionally balancing properties of our essential oil blends too. Its worth noting that depending on the base ingredients, these essential oil blends can smell very different when used in their product than in pure form ‘on the nose’.

For this reason, we decided that we had such gorgeous blends we didn’t want to restrict to only the product application - we wanted to supply them 'pure' so that they can be used in atomisers, electronic diffusers, portable oil diffusers or simply dispensing a few drops on a bowl of pot pourri.

“My favourite ways to use these is to either drizzle just a few drops into a bowl of pinecones collected on a walk and to let the aroma gently perfume the room or for my office, if I have a busy ‘thinking’ day, I drop Blend #29 into an electronic diffuser to stay inspired and creative!”