Step 3 is the crucial HYDRATE step. Once the removal stages of Step 1. CLEANSE and Step 2. EXFOLIATE are complete it is time to replenish water stocks and rehydrate your skin, plumping from prune like wrinkles and fine lines to smooth, firmer plum like finish.

is a our high concentration, bio fermented, (hence the ‘Bio’ bit) plant derived Hyaluronic Hydration gel with Buzz Button (Spilanthes Oleracea) Extract, Aloe Vera and a dash of White Willow.

This vitamin rich, mineral rich, toning and astringent hyaluronic gel attracts up to 1000 times more hydration into the skin to fortify and maintain skin texture and replenish the Barrier Function.  Follow your BIO BUZZ application with a spritz of SKIN DRINK hydrating & toning mist to 'top up the hydration' and see how your skin looks after this long cool refreshing hydration cocktail.