for Strength & Light



BLEND #29 pure essential oil blend.

For those Essential Life moments when you feel the need to naturally perfume your space with grounding, strengthening and empowering citrus extracts, oriental grasses and spicing. Simply add a few drops to your home fragrancing diffuser, oil burner or pot pourri.

The same EO blend used in Circadian VitC, Morning Barrier Balm & Overnight Recharge Balm. To bring Strength & Light.

RED MANDARIN to relax, calm and bring feelings of joy. CURCUMA releasing emotions, releasing negativity and removing limiting thoughts. STAR ANISE bringing uplifting, empowering feminine strength and self-care. CARROT SEED grounding and removing feelings of anxiety and stress. WHITE GRAPEFRUIT to release stress, balance mood, uplift and inspire. GERANIUM BOURBON restoring confidence and managing overwhelming emotions. LITSEA CUBEBA mood enhancing for positive vibes. LABDANUM calming the mind and uplifting feelings of negativity.

The name 'BLEND #29' came about as I formulated this blend on my birthday - the 29th of the month - delving into the number 29 in numerology I found that adding the 2 + 9 became 11 which is the number for Strength and Light - and looking at the oils chosen you can see that this was just the perfect fit!

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