for Focus & Support



BLEND #58 pure essential oil blend.

For those Essential Life moments when you feel the need to naturally perfume your space with fortifying, supportive and focussing spices and resins. Simply add a few drops to your home fragrancing diffuser, oil burner or pot pourri.

The same blend used throughout the SCRIVNER for MEN range. To bring Focus & Support.

CURCUMA to release negative emotions, release negativity and remove limiting thoughts. LIME bringing zest and alertness to fight negativity. CARROT SEED strengthening and diminishing feelings of weakness. STAR ANISE nurturing an expansion of mind, bringing uplifting encouragement. BLUE CHAMMOMILE to relieve stress and calm tension. SANDALWOOD perfecting mental clarity and increasing confidence. OPOPONAX purifying the emotions. MANDARIN bringing feelings of calm and joy.

The name 'BLEND #58' came about as this is the formula we use for SCRIVNER for MEN and Mr JS has a 58 in his birthday (without giving too much away) Delving into the number 58 in numerology I found that adding the 5 + 8 became 13 which is the number for Focus & Support - and looking at the oils chosen you can see that this was just the perfect fit!

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