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A skin strengthening vitamin serum to replenish and restore glow.
Our vitamin serum has been designed to purify, rewaken, strengthen and replenish your skin to hydrate, rejuvenate and boost your natural radiance.

Using vitamin B, B3 and niacinamide to restore the skin’s natural barrier function and boost ceramide production. It’s been created using rice bran extract and hyaluronic acid for deeper hydration, smoother skin and antioxidant skin benefits.

It also uses a blend of natural oils and friendly bacteria (prebiotics and probiotics) to nourish, condition and protect your skin.

The results? Radiant skin that looks refreshed, soothed and revitalised.

Suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry or dull skin. It also supports peri menopausal and menopausal skin to rebalance and soothe.

  • 50ml
  • Formulated with organic and natural ingredients
  • SKIN FIRST formulas, created by Jane Scrivner
  • Made in the UK

What are ceramides in skincare?
Ceramides are the glues that hold our skin cells together to keep our skin barrier healthy, balanced and in place. This helps to seal in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated, and keeping out pollution, environmental damage and infection.

They’re lipids (also known as fats) that naturally make up around 50% of your natural skin barrier. Ceramides occur naturally in the skin and are key to the health of your skin. Sun exposure, getting older and the climate where you live can have an impact on your natural ceramide levels, which can leave your barrier function and your skin dry and dull.

Not having enough skin ceramides has been linked to inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. They’re a great nourishing and replenishing ingredient to rebalance your skin’s barrier for healthier skin that you can feel more confident and comfortable in.

Combining ceramides with hyaluronic acid, which we do in Brightening B, helps to plump and hydrate the skin, locking moisture into your skin and keeping it protected.

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By Vicky (35-44) on 8th February, 2023
"Wow! This product lives up to the hype and does what it says on the bottle, hurray! My skin has been really dry and dull recently due to stress and I've suffered with hormonal breakouts, my skin is also incredibly sensitive. This product has treated ALL of the above! My skin is brighter, smoother, tighter, more even, pores are reduced and breakouts have reduced too. It's really given my skin the pick me up it needed and no reactions! Hurray! "
By Gill Shaw (55-64) on 1st August, 2022
"I have used this product for a month now and I’ve already re-ordered as I don’t want to run out! It’s sensational! You really do see a difference in your skin and although I have been a user of the 5 day system for a few years now and LOVE IT; this sensational little bottle has earned its 5 star rating easily! The texture of the product is divine and a little goes a very long way! "
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