Botanical Retinol (Alternative VIT A) Accelerated Glow Serum



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Our botanical retinol alternative VITA,  Bakuchiol serum to stimulate and renew for a vibrant, refreshed look and feel to skin.
GLOW RENEW is your safe, effective ‘Alternative Retinol’ serum for use am or/and pm for that daily, freshened, revitalised GLOW.

Choosing natural Bakuchiol and blending with extracts of green coffee, cardamom, liquorice and coriander all steeped in an extremely low molecular weight hyaluronic with Dragon Fruit for cell turnover and skin strength and protection.

Regenerate, restore and re age your skin. SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, including sensitive.

The results? Glowing, renewed skin without any irritation.

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • 50ml
  • Formulated with extremely low molecular weigh hyaluronic for optimum absorption.
  • SKIN FIRST formulas, created by Jane Scrivner
  • Made in the UK

Why use a Retinol style product?

Retinol and Vitamin A are riding the skincare wave as the ‘go to’ ingredients and formulas for skin cell turnover, accelerated anti-ageing and overall youthful skin. And who doesn’t want the benefits these ingredients bring, refreshed, renewed and restored skin with even tone and bounce back strength? But putting your skin through this rigorous programme of ‘wound heal’ response in order to get the results promised can often be the cause of irritated, inflamed and compromised skin - especially in more sensitive skin types.

So it took a while but finding a source of natural Vitamin A and an equally effective Retinol alternative in Bakuchiol, we could finally present a formulation with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

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By Hannah Jarvis (45-54) on 30th August, 2023
"I pre-ordered this before it was launched and with no reviews to go on.....but I am so glad I did! First, the packaging is excellent with a great pump dispenser that works really well to deliver the product. Second, the serum is a lovely texture, feels beautiful on the skin, applies really well and the all important point for me - it isn't sticky or tacky or pils. I can't comment yet on long-term results but I can say that I had no reaction to this using it for 2 consecutive nights. My skin looked good and felt fabulous both mornings after using it and my other JS products applied even better. I really do like it, I love serums and this certainly ticks a lot of boxes for me. Well done, Jane, version 15 was well worth the wait."