Targeted Micro Hydration


Our skin should feel soft to the touch, nourished and hydrated. Our bodies both deserve and more importantly need, the same level of care and attention we apply to our face, keeping it soft, supple, nourished and conditioned to prevent dry, itchy, flakiness and uncomfortable, pre aged skin. So we have created our INTENSE CONDITIONING range for BODY.

Deeply hydrating, INTENSE CONDITIONING BODY MOISTURISER in our beautifully light formula. Pro collagen, pro elastin organic jojoba milk blended with hibiscus and wild plum for betaine rich, intense hydration. Refreshing grapefruit, juniper and cypress essential oils for smooth, nourished and replenished looking skin with a luxurious, velvety feel.

NOT a body cream, not a lotion but an intense body moisturiser because your body deserves to be protected, conditioned and cared for, not covered up and uncomfortable.

Even though we all apply skincare every day, we only apply it to approx. 11% of our skin (IF you apply to both neck and décolleté) nearer 5% if only down to jawline. This stunning fact leaves nearly 90% of our skin dehydrated, undernourished, potentially itchy and definitely neglected. Skin prone to cracking, flaking, chapping, thinning and just dull.

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By Hannah Jarvis (45-54) on 16th October, 2023
"Tried so many body oils, creams and sprays but never found one that did a great job without leaving my skin feeling sticky, taking forever to sink in or leave me regretting applying it! I saw Jane talking about how we neglect our skin from the neck down so I thought I’d try her product. I’ve only had it 3 days and I’m reaching for it after every shower! It smells really good, it’s light and best of all, sinks in almost instantly and leaves my dry arms feeling silky and no more itchy, dehydrated skin. Fantastic as a hand cream too. Great price and I’m delighted with it. Another huge success for me and a definite repurchase."
By John B (45-54) on 4th October, 2023
"This body moisturiser is next level. I have skin that's very dry, flaky, and itchy and this body moisturiser calms the skin down, gives major hydration and relieves the itching. I use the body wash as well ( I even use on my scalp). I use the body moisturiser neck down with zero issues. Non greasy, soaks in with minutes and leaves you with fabulous hydrated glowing skin. "
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