JANE SCRIVNER 5 a Day Discovery Bag

Sample Kit

5 Samples


Sometimes you just want to try everything before buying anything and that's why we do samples of practically the entire Jane Scrivner product range.

BUT sometimes it's hard to know which samples to try!! Welcome to the never ending conundrum of skincare purchasing.

So, we created our Jane Scrivner 5 A DAY DISCOVERY BAG and it includes a sample of each of our bestselling 'Skincare 5 a Day'. Enough product to really get to know which ones LOVE your skin plus all the fluffiness of our Extra Fluffy Mitt to make sure you get the full experience.

We include a 'Facial Sequence Card' written by Jane to show you how to get the best routine from the products and you can even deliver full on facials if you don't wish to just use them as individual samples, or maybe a 'weekend aways' worth of skincare.

It's a FABULOUS introduction to everything Jane Scrivner can do for your skin.


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By Georgina Codling (35-44) on 2nd November, 2021
"I was recommended this make by a friend, following a recent hysterectomy that has put me into the menopause and I was noticing how dry my skin was becoming, and how this was also then affecting my application of foundation. I have been using the products for 3 days and I can already see the difference, I think this is the only time in my life when my skin has not been dry and dehydrated. My skin is glowing and dewing under makeup. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Please do try, you will not be disappoint. I now plan to buy the full size products, as I cannot see myself going back to my previous brands. It really isn't often that a products delivers all that is promised, but these do."
By Kathryn (65 & Over) on 2nd September, 2021
"An excellent introduction to the products delivered very quickly. I haven’t yet tried everything but those I have are excellent. "
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