50ml, 150ml, 50g, 30ml & 50ml

CURRENTLY THE KIT BAG will come in a gift bag and not the canvas drawstring bag as pictured.  Due to COVID shutdown of the factory that makes our bag we won't have any until mid July - the products are exactly the same and their function is a fabulous as ever, they are just not in the canvas bag but a gift bag.  We are happy to send a canvas bag out to anyone ordering this 'Kit Bag' once they arrive - but we want you to have the products first without waiting!

SKIN CLEAN Nourish Enrich Cleansing Balm.  Pre, during or post shave
50ml With over 85% Organic, skin balancing Jojoba Oil with Rice Bran Wax and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) SKIN CLEAN is the quintessential Cleansing Balm for men, use pre, during or post shave. Balances sebum, decongests pores and nourishes skin. Softening the surface, making shaving smoother and closer.  


SKIN RESURFACE Daily Resurfacing AHA/BHA Acid Exfoliator
STEP #2 in your 5 STEP SKIN STRATEGY 150ml
Combining natural AHA & BHA acids SKIN RESURFACE is formulated to achieve multi-level exfoliation for daily use whilst regulating and maintaining our Acid Mantle.  Using Malic, Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic and Citric acids in a unique 'staggered penetration' blend to work on every level of skin exfoliation and stimulation, below and on the surface to exfoliate, soften and smooth.  SKIN RESURFACE works deep to  clear skin, stimulate cell renewal and collagen anCalm Nourish Enrich Face Oild elastin synthesis. 

SKIN HYDRATE Smoothing  Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel  
STEP #3 in your 5 STEP SKIN STRATEGY  50g
SKIN HYDRATE is a Bio Fermented Hyaluronic gel with Buzz Button (Spilanthes Acmella) Extract, Aloe Vera and  White Willow (Salix Alba - Salicylic Acid)  This gel delivers the perfect layer of hydration to replenish and underpin the Barrier Function. A luxuriously smooth gel feel that spreads easily.  Can be lightly massaged and then dries down leaving a firming, hydrating layer to pull moisture into the skin whilst cooling post shave, firming, smoothing and refining fine lines.

SKIN DEFENCE Calm Nourish Enrich Face Oil
STEP #4 in your 5 STEP SKIN STRATEGY 30ml 
SKIN DEFENCE with organic, skin balancing organic jojoba oil, organic oat oil and organic tigernut oil, nourishes, enriches, calms and cools the skin and replenishes the skins natural protective barrier function.  Combined with essential oils of CURCUMA, LIME, CARROT, STAR ANISE, LABDANUM BLUE CHAMMOMILE SANDALWOOD, OPOPONAX AND MANDARIN this facial oil acts as a moisturising mens fragrance oil.   Can be used as both beard and moustache oil too. 

SKIN PROTECT Oat & Argan Moisturising Cream
SKIN PROTECT uses a unique combination of Oat Kernel and Argan Kernel organic oils, beta glucan rich colloidal oatmeal, anti-oxidant betulinic acid from white birch bark and Vitamin E for ultimate skin protection.   SKIN PROTECT locks in the nutrients of your 5 Step Skincare whilst forming a fine film to protect form moisture loss and environmental irritants. A unique function through a formulation of organic and natural phyto ingredients to fully protect and maintain skin.  Combined with essential oils of Curcuma, Lime, Carrot, Star Anise, Labdanum, Blue Chamomile, Sandalwood, Opoponax and Mandarin this cream acts as a moisturising men’s fragrance too.