#4 NOURISH Correct Calm Fortify. Skin conditioning balm.



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Face Balms are a richer source of nutrients for your skin, combining plant derived butters with omega and phytosterol rich oils. Our balms bring a more intense level of skincare. Choose a balm when your skin needs that extra help and apply in the NOURISH slot of your skincare routine - after hydration and before protection. 

MORNING BARRIER BALM was created to be your Conditioning Breakfast Smoothie for Skin.  Bringing all the refreshing, calming and strengthening nutrients your skin needs throughout the day.  Correcting high colour, calming inflammation, nourishing skin and fortifying the barrier function.    Suitable for all skin types, especially good for irritated skin, inflamed skin,  dry skin or for pure skin conditioning.

Formulated with organic butters, core oils and essential oils packed with nutrients to apply AM in your ‘Nourish/Facial Oil’ slot for that extra, every day, all day Calm, Velvety, Bounce Back feel. 

Apply on ‘No Makeup’ days for barrier nourish. Use when travelling as your one pot, one stop skincare or simply keep for those occasions when your skin needs to indulge. 

Rich in Skin Vitamins A, B, C & E for anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti bacterial properties.

  • Rich in EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) to feed and nourish skin.
  • Deeply Moisturising.
  • Intensely Soothing & Smoothing
  • Protective 
  • Fortifying the Barrier Function for healthy 'Bounce Back' feel.

Literally your skincare, organic smoothie. 

NB  This product will change in texture with temperature, may 'leave' the sides of the jar internally if cold and may 'crust' and lighten in colour at the edges when cool too.  All these changes are natural fluctuations and will revert to normal when the product is at normal room temperature and applied when warmed on pads of fingers.

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By Meena (55-64) on 19th July, 2022
"This is a game changer. Whenever I wear it (now daily) I find my face looking radiant and feeling soft. I am hooked. "
By Ruth Munro (35-44) on 1st August, 2021
"My absolute go to for those mornings when i simply don’t want to wear a bb cream ""
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