to Calm & Soothe



PEACE pure essential oil blend.

For those Essential Life moments when you feel the need to naturally perfume your space with warming, soothing and comforting vintage resins and spicing. Simply add a few drops to your home fragrancing diffuser, oil burner or pot pourri.

The same blend used in PEACE Body Splash, reed diffuser and room spray. To Calm & Soothe.

BAY increasing mindfulness and instilling focus. BENZOIN regulating the nervous system to relieve anxiety. CHAMMOMILE MAROC reducing anxiety and relaxing the mind. EUCALYPTUS bringing positivity and liberation from tension. FRANKINCENSE grounding and uplifting, bringing a sense of peace and connectedness. LAVENDER for mental clarity and emotional stability, focus and inspiration. MYRRH for lifting negative moods and grounding. SWEET ORANGE instils innocence and connects to creativity and love. PETITGRAIN soothing the nerves, protecting from shock, anxiety and fear.

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