Reed Diffuser



Bringing PEACE during this 2020 Festive Season.  Packaged with rose gold snowflake collar and ribbon gift tag.

a contemporary and luxe blend to calm and comfort. With Frankincense and Myrrh at it's heart for warmth and depth, Orange Dulcis and Pettigrain to add a delicate hint of sweetness and Bay, Benzoin and Elemi to complete. Formulated to subtly fragrance a room, this rich blend of base and mid note essential oils brings PEACE to your lifestyle.

Jane Scrivner Lifestyle reed diffusers are formulated using 100% pure and natural essential oils.

We choose a non-flammable eco base and e reeds for efficient and eco-friendly fragrance. We use the optimum amount of pure, natural essential oils to achieve the best scent 'throw' and this will vary from blend to blend.

PEACE is a base note blend and as such holds 20% of essential oils in the 100ml.

Lasting up to 10 weeks.

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