Hydrating Gel to Milk Formula



NEW! Our hydrating gel to milk formula with jojoba esters, lime and opoponax for calm, post shave skin.

Refresh and restore your skin with this super hydrating gel to milk formula. Our emulsifying, GEL TO MILK, POST SHAVE CLEANSING WASH is the perfect simplification of a crucial process and it cleanses, replenishes, restores and refreshes every skin condition, skin type and every skin age for every day. Particularly targeting skin that ‘shaves’ to reduce and calm irritation, soothe skin and condition 24/7.

Choosing our intelligent Jojoba Ester formula - where we take our favourite oil, put it through a process of interesterification (taking Jojoba oil apart and putting it back together slightly differently) to become ‘wash off’.

The results? Cleansed & refreshed daily skin, soothed after shaving and conditioned to face the day.

  • 100ml
  • Formulated with organic and natural ingredients
  • Pro collagen, pro elastin and balancing sebum.
  • SKIN FIRST formulas, created by Jane Scrivner
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Suitable for sensitive skins, all skin types and all ages.

Why do you need to cleanse skin after shaving?

Cleansing after shaving removes the residue of any harsher shave mousse products and soothes any 'post shave irritation'. POST SHAVE CLEANSING WASH brings your skin back to nourished, back to calm and back to balance.

Cleansing has always and will always be the most important part of any skincare routine. Keeping skin clean without challenging or depleting the skins Surface Biome and keeping skin clean and calm whilst maintaining the Acid Mantle pH are all key to healthy, balanced skin. Cleansing without stripping the skins natural oils is your skins natural right and every cleansing balm or wash we create here at JSHQ have these performance and delivery goals as cleansing fundamentals.

Whatever your skins needs, a deep cleanse that decongests and works deeper down on pores and breakout potential, a first cleanse that stimulates hair follicles without irritating, a cleanse that balances sebum production or perhaps an efficient cleanse that splashes away, refreshes, stimulates, conditions and hydrates.

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