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A replenishing, refreshing cleanser to remove makeup and leave skin hydrated.
Our Purifying Cleanser works as the perfect second cleanse, a refreshing morning cleanse or a sensitive skin cleanser to remove makeup and SPF, leaving skin hydrated, fresh and radiant thanks to its gel to milk formula and nourishing jojoba esters. It’s the simple way to refresh the skin daily, keeping your skin clean, healthy and in balance.

This wash off cleanser splashes away to reveal clean, balanced skin that’s free from makeup. It also protects your skin’s pH without stripping your skin barrier or natural oils.

The Purifying Cleanser uses an intelligent jojoba ester formula that mimics the natural oils in your skin and blends with a nourishing combination of 12 skin-friendly essential oils to nourish and hydrate. It’s the first step to replenish, restore and refresh your skin.

The results? Skin that’s refreshed, radiant and balanced.

Suitable for all skin types. If your skin is sensitive, irritated or reactive to heat then the Purifying Gel Cleanser can be used entirely with cool water.

  • 100ml & 200ml
  • Formulated with organic and natural ingredients
  • Created by skin experts
  • Made in the UK
Why do you get sensitive skin?
If your skin suddenly becomes more easily irritated, red, inflamed or feels “prickly” then you may have sensitive skin. This is usually when your skin’s natural lipid barrier (also known as your skin barrier) becomes weakened or compromised, leading to less protection and moisture retention in your skin.

Lifestyle, environment, sun exposure, your skincare routine and pollution can all lead to sensitive skin and a damaged skin barrier. You might find your skin feels rough, dry or irritated as well as reactive to the products you use. If this is your skin, it’s time to scale back and keep your skincare routine simple, gentle and reparative.

Discover the Skincare 5 A Day System to nourish and balance your skin barrier, replenishing and refreshing sensitive skin.

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