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Soothing facial oil for redness and mature or sensitive skin.

With collagen-boosting, balancing jojoba oil and soothing Bulgarian rose otto, the Rose Gold Replenishing facial oil has been developed for all skin types to soothe, fortify and replenish the skin.

Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E along with essential fatty acids, it’s especially effective in helping to repair thread veins and regenerate damaged skin. The Rose Gold Replenishing Facial Oil also helps to balance sebum production and protect the skin thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.

It also has an uplifting, energising Rose Otto scent that can act as both a perfume and a mood enhancer - especially for those dealing with menopausal hormonal changes - to support overall wellbeing without irritating the skin.

The results? Soothed, repaired skin with reduced redness and thread veins, plus a boost of collagen and elastin.

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, mature or menopausal skin that’s prone to thread veins and redness.

● 30ml
● Formulated with organic and natural ingredients
● SKIN FIRST formulas, created by Jane Scrivner
● Made in the UK

What causes thread veins on the face?

Thread veins - also sometimes known as spider veins, broken capillaries, broken blood vessels or enlarged capillaries - occur when small veins under the skin become enlarged or dilated. This causes small red lines that spread out into a web shape. They can appear anywhere on the body, but they’re most common on the face and legs.

Some people are more prone to thread veins than others - the good news is that they’re totally harmless, though they can make some people feel self conscious about their skin and appearance.

So what causes thread veins? There are a few main causes, including genetics, pregnancy, rosacea, sun exposure, weather changes, your environment, hot baths or showers, chemical irritants, alcohol consumptions, injuries or bruising and even sneezing.

As with most skin concerns, prevention is usually the best option. You can avoid thread veins by limiting sun exposure (and always using SPF), avoiding extreme heat, reducing your alcohol intake and wearing protective coverings for exercise, especially if you’re heading outdoors.

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By Hannah Jarvis (45-54) on 30th August, 2023
"I dithered but I am so glad I bought this oil ! I love the Skin Elixir oil and didn't think anything could better it, but this one does. Such a beautiful fragrance to start with and the oil just sinks into your skin. I am so impressed with the quality and such good value for money as you really only need one pump. Dispenses perfectly. I put the 'OO' cream on top and my goodness, what a pairing. My skin feels soft, nourished and glows without any greasiness or shine. I have slowly moved all my skincare over to JS and I am absolutely delighted with every product I have tried, there really are no duds. This oil is a fantastic product which I look forward to using and comes highly recommended."
By Adrienne (45-54) on 29th November, 2021
"I've waiting awhile before leaving a review as I wanted to see if this delivered everything it promises and it most definitely does. I am currently going through the menopause and my skin is being a mare, needs more love, attention and nourishment. This oil delivers it all along with the ethos, organic ingredients, it smells divine & my skin is loving it. Perfect!"
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