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Worth $109 for those 'Late Night & Last Minute Clenasing Situations'. Your Midnight Skinsurance Set gives you every opportunity to cleanse before snooze - whatever the hour.


FIRST LIFT our Clarifying Makeup Remover for Eyes and Face
Our brand new makeup remover combines soothing neroli floral water, sugar maple, apple, aloe vera and goji berry extract to gently remove makeup whilst refreshing your skin, ready for your daily cleanse.

With First Lift, you don’t need to pull or rub at your skin to remove the day’s dirt and makeup from your skin. You’ll be left with smooth, hydrated skin that’s free from residue or excess oil. Your skin is prepped and protected for the next steps in your routine.

Antioxidants and AHA’s also help to support and protect your skin’s natural balance.

The results? Makeup free skin that’s soothed and smooth. Suitable for all skin types.

Why you should remove your makeup separately before bed.
Removing makeup from your skin not only makes the rest of your cleansing and skincare routine much easier, it’s also better for the health of your skin. Removing makeup from your skin separately to your cleansing products, as a 'pre cleanse' step, allows your cleansing ritual to work directly on your skin, more immediately and thoroughly.

If you sleep in your makeup you run the risk of breakouts as well as dull skin that’s out of balance. It means that overnight your skin can’t rejuvenate and renew in the same way, leaving it looking dull and tired. Also, leaving eye makeup on overnight can be uncomfortable and lead to eye infections or soreness

It can also make a mess of your sheets, which can in turn mean that excess bacteria, oils and old makeup products end up on your pillowcase. And back on your face when you lay your head down the following night.

Taking the time to remove your makeup, even if you’re tired or you feel like it’s a step you want to skip, can seriously support healthy, balanced skin. Taking the time to 'pre cleanse' delivers the perfect, deeply cleansed and nourished skin. Ready for your follow on routine.

PURIFYING CLEANSER our Skin Optimising Gel to Milk Formula
A replenishing, refreshing cleanser to remove makeup and leave skin hydrated.

Our Purifying Cleanser works as the perfect second cleanse, a refreshing morning cleanse or a sensitive skin cleanser to remove makeup and SPF, leaving skin hydrated, fresh and radiant thanks to its gel to milk formula and nourishing jojoba esters. It’s the simple way to refresh the skin daily, keeping your skin clean, healthy and in balance. The perfect addition to your cleansing rituals

This wash off cleanser splashes away to reveal clean, balanced skin that’s free from makeup. It also protects your skin’s pH without stripping your skin barrier or natural oils.

The Purifying Cleanser uses an intelligent jojoba ester formula that mimics the natural oils in your skin and blends with a nourishing combination of 12 skin-friendly essential oils to nourish and hydrate. It’s the first step to replenish, restore and refresh your skin.

The results? Skin that’s refreshed, radiant and balanced.

Suitable for all skin types. If your skin is sensitive, irritated or reactive to heat then the Purifying Gel Cleanser can be used entirely with cool water.

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By Clare (55-64) on 11th January, 2024
"I got a couple of samples: another lovely JS product! gentle but very effective make up remover.
I follow this with the nourishing cleansing balm, and then the whipped butter polish exfoliator (maybe 3-4 x week)
Will defo be buying full size."