Skincare predictions for 2022

1st January 2022

Make 2022 a softer, deeply cleansed, fully moisturised, conditioned you – every part of you.

I have always campaigned for the ‘forgotten’ skin situation, the neglected skin on our bodies that only ever gets the attention it needs in the weeks leading up to the pre party pamper the big beach reveal or simply the sleeveless seasons.

Even though we all apply skincare every day, we only apply it to approx. 11% of our skin (IF you apply to both neck and décolleté) nearer 5% if only down to jawline.

This stunning fact leaves nearly 90% of our skin dehydrated, undernourished, potentially itchy, uncomfortable and definitely neglected - prone to cracking, chapping, thinning and premature ageing.

The skin on our body both deserves and more importantly needs, the same level of care and attention we apply to our face, to keep it soft, supple, nourished and conditioned ready for every reveal with the silkiest feel.

Make 2022 the year you 'Skinvest in conditioning body cleansers, featherlight moisturisers and perfecting polishes, making 2022 a softer, deeply cleansed, fully moisturised and conditioned you – every part of you.

Predictions for your skincare future

Getting Vitamin Rich – naturally!

Feeding your skin with broad spectrum vitamin nutrition. Making sure your skin gets the vitamin stimulation it needs naturally and gently.

Choose 2022 as the year to balance your skin diet by supplementing your daily skincare routine with natural Vitamin applications. Rotate the A, B & C over the 7 days and you will get the weekly dose you need.

Vitamin A is the buzz ingredient right now – known as retinol/retinoid/retinyl/tret and correct application will resurface, reverse signs of accelerated ageing and stimulate collagen but the journey can be harsh and quite invasive and the upheaval your skin undergoes before you see the results can be disconcerting and a little scary – especially if you are coming from a sensitive skin base.

2022 is going to see a fabulous slew of Bakuchiol, a natural A, gentle but effective in doing the exact same thing for your skin - stimulating cell renewal, collagen production and all round skin ‘refresher’ and its perfectly safe during pregnancy and breast feeding. Bakuchiol is Vit A without the complications.

Vitamin B is for brightness and clarity of skin, B also stands for Barrier Function – B3 in the form of niacinamide will help to replenish and restore this vital skincare role and Niacinamide is a gentle, glowing ingredient – found in yeasts and algae's – making skin the perfect host for pre and pro biotics to bring the brightness and glow.

Vitamin C supplies health and protection alongside even tone – choosing plant extracted C’s wild plums, Kakadu plums, rice bran waters to enhance any ‘C formula will bring the strength and health gently and effectively without interfering with the skins surface acidity.

Interacting with your skincare producer

Skincare know how is getting more and more complicated. So many brands, so many fabulous formulas and so many application do’s and don’ts, what order to use, what amount to apply and what regularity.

Pair this with not truly knowing your own skin (as it doesn’t read the manuals and won’t follow the rules) all means your skincare provider should be helping you every step of the way. 2022 is going to see a closer interaction between customer and brand, more helpful and instructive. Brands that engage and host virtual events to help you get the best from your application are the brands that you want by your side. Brands that can answer your question and individuals that can supply you with helpful and useful direction. Brands that were created by individuals with skin 'CARE' at the heart of what they do.

Skincare is a shared experience and the industry should be there to help you make the right investments – cutting down on wasted products and more importantly, wasted, hard earned money.

Sampling to try before buy and skin information. Anonymity is not an option, knowing the ingredients in your products, having transparency of formula and clarity on application and routine will be the strength this year.

If your skincare brand isn’t getting back to you or getting involved in your routine, its time to move them on and find one that does.