NEW Circadian VIT C

Encapsulated Optimised Overnight Repair


SOLD OUT of our first run and due to COVID Conditions and sourcing raw materials this product won't be back in stock until late July/early August.  We know how annoying this can be and believe us, we are a little annoyed too (but just a little not annoyed as it has had such fab reviews, feedback and results already)  As soon as we know our production date it will be marked available.  Thanks for your patience.

NEW! CIRCADIAN VITC Encapsulated Optimised Vitamin C Paste.

High potency, through the night, time release repair paste. With Vitamins C, B & E. Stabilised, jojoba oil and encapsulated vitamin C combined with phyto extract myrothamnus flabellifolia and rice bran water to support and enhance the skins natural overnight circadian repair cycle. Empowering skin condition, tone, density,  elasticity, radiance and luminosity. 

The ENCAPSULATED TIME RELEASE TECHNOLOGY benefits of CIRCADIAN VITC are maximised with an application of hyaluronic gel (BIOLURONIC BUZZ) or moisture (SKIN DRINK) before application and activated with slight rubbing or gentle pressure to ‘burst’ the vitamin bubbles. The paste will apply smooth, rubbing will realise a ‘sticky’ feel and then dry down. Sticky indicates the active vitamin cocktail is fully released.

"I wanted a ‘wakeup call for skin’. Vitamin C is my ‘go to’ vitamin as it repairs, restructures, restores and many more of the RE qualities I love in an ingredient. Finding this encapsulated vitamin system was the perfect answer, keeping every application fresh and potent until the very last ‘pump’ by using this sub-micron Vit C for stable, controlled, slow release. I also wanted something to enhance, support & boost the natural repair cycle of skin – the CIRCADIAN rhythm – so night time application means CIRCADIAN VITC speeds up these natural overnight repair systems. CIRCADIAN VITC for your skins brighter, fresher, repaired/restored’ feel and appearance'

  • Optimum Vitamin C absorbency
  • Sub-micron optimised encapsulated Vitamin C delivery
  • Slow release for longer lasting benefits. 
  • Supporting and enhancing the skins natural overnight circadian repair cycle