Gel to Milk Formula


Our skin should feel soft to the touch, nourished and hydrated. Our bodies both deserve and more importantly need, the same level of care and attention we apply to our face, keeping it soft, supple, nourished and conditioned to prevent dry, itchy, flakiness and uncomfortable, pre aged skin. So we have created our INTENSE CONDITIONING range for BODY.

Deeply nourishing, INTENSE CONDITIONING BODY CLEANSER in our splash away gel to milk formulation. Jojoba for repair, apricot to smooth, camelina to moisturise, pumpkin to hydrate and starflower to nourish. Suitable for all skin types.

NOT a shower gel, not a body wash but an intense body cleanser, because your body deserves to be conditioned and cared for, not covered up and uncomfortable.

Even though we all apply skincare every day, we only apply it to approx. 11% of our skin (IF you apply to both neck and décolleté) nearer 5% if only down to jawline. This stunning fact leaves nearly 90% of our skin dehydrated, undernourished, potentially itchy and definitely neglected. Skin prone to cracking, flaking, chapping, thinning and just dull.

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By Laurence (45-54) on 4th November, 2022
"What an amazing product. it feels like I'm giving myself a treatment. the silky gel is easy to apply, a little goes a long way, and I love the way it leaves my skin so nourished, soft and smooth. I can only praise its benefits and how refreshed it makes me feel after using it."