#2 EXFOLIATE Facial Exfoliator to Purify Soften Smooth



NEW! Our NEW WHIPPED BUTTER POLISH with Bamboo exfoliating powder.

Your 'mechanical' exfoliating choice to slot once or twice a week into Step #2 EXFOLIATE in your SKINCARE 5 A DAY. Making sure that dry, dead and flaky skin is lifted, leaving skin feeling polished and fresh, ready for perfect follow on application and absorption.

Exfoliation is a removal process but exfoliating with WHIPPED BUTTER POLISH is nourishing and repairing too. This Phytosterol rich, whipped butter exfoliating polish melts into skin as it works to purify, soften & smooth skin.

The blend of cucumber seed oil, cardamom, cinnamon & bamboo grinds, air whipped in a mango, avocado and jojoba oil butter is the most luxurious way to resurface, stimulate and polish skin. Your all-in-one weekly or twice weekly treatment.

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