#2 EXFOLIATE Facial Exfoliator to Purify Soften Smooth



NEW! Our NEW WHIPPED BUTTER POLISH with Bamboo exfoliating powder.

Your 'mechanical' exfoliating choice to slot once or twice a week into Step #2 EXFOLIATE in your SKINCARE 5 A DAY. Making sure that dry, dead and flaky skin is lifted, leaving skin feeling polished and fresh, ready for perfect follow on application and absorption.

Exfoliation is a removal process but exfoliating with WHIPPED BUTTER POLISH is nourishing and repairing too. This Phytosterol rich, whipped butter exfoliating polish melts into skin as it works to purify, soften & smooth skin.

The blend of cucumber seed oil, cardamom, cinnamon & bamboo grinds, air whipped in a mango, avocado and jojoba oil butter is the most luxurious way to resurface, stimulate and polish skin. Your all-in-one weekly or twice weekly treatment.

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By John (45-54) on 2nd December, 2021
"I have been using the whipped butter polish now for over a month. I use once per week and all I can say is wow. The texture a fluffy mousse texture and very smooth. There is no scratchy feeling on the skin, it just glides well like butter. The results are amazing soft, smooth glowing healthy skin. Top tip leave on for 5- 10 mins before removing your skin will thank you. "
By Vanessa C (55-64) on 20th September, 2021
"This mousse-like polish is superb! It's gentle yet powerful at removing dead skin. It has no drying effects, just leaves you skin soft and moisturised. After using acids to improve texture and brighten - which often leaves my skin dry and irritated - this product is a joy. Will be purchasing forever."
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