#2 EXFOLIATE Natural & Organic, Multi-level, AHA/BHA Resurfacing Exfoliator


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Step #2 in your SKINCARE 5 A DAY SYSTEM

Combining natural AHA & BHA acids SKINFOLIATE is formulated to achieve multi-level exfoliation for daily use whilst regulating and maintaining our Acid Mantle.

 Using Malic, Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic and Citric acids in a unique 'staggered penetration' blend to work on every level of skin exfoliation and stimulation, SKINFOLIATE works deep to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and cell renewal. Below and on the surface to exfoliate, soften and smooth.

  • A multi-level, natural blend of AHA's & BHA's  
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) AHA's to dissolve the 'glue' holding dead skin cells to the surface of our skin and stimulate collagen and cell turnover 
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's) dig deeper and exfoliate the pores, especially oily pores and acne prone skins.   
  • Multi-level acid blend to regulate and maintain the Acid Mantle - our skins 'first line' defence. 

This skin softening, daily resurfacing blend is your perfect recipe for gorgeous, healthy, flawless skin - at the same time improving follow on product application and absorption. Using SKINFOLIATE to exfoliate skin on a regular basis, removes dead skin cells, keeps skin smooth, strengthens, protects and balances our perfect skin pH. SKINFOLIATE is the optimum blend of AHA's and BHA's

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By The best product on the market by far! (45-54) on 28th February, 2022
"I have used an endless number of liquid exfoliators over the years & all do a nice job. Some sting my sensitive skin & others leave my skin feeling sticky. The only one I am never without is Skinfoliate & I love it. A little goes a long way & it neither stings, nor leaves my skin feeling sticky. My skin is left silky smooth glowing & healthy. 16yrs of steroid use does the skin no favours but daily use of Jane's nourishing cleanser, OO cream & night balm along with Skinfoliate, always after cleansing, means I get a lot of compliments on my skin! As for the fermented smell, I don't even notice it anymore!""
By jude Delaney (55-64) on 6th September, 2021
"I can't profess to really understand all the ins and outs of skincare but what I do know is that this Skinfoliate is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean, what more can I ask for?!!"
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