#3 HYDRATE Frankincense Hydrating and Toning Mist



Hydrate, tone and refresh tired, dehydrated skin.

For skin that’s tired, dehydrated or in need of a boost, the Skin Drink Hydrating & Toning Mist seriously feeds the skin with natural hydration while supporting your hyaluronic acid-based products to maximise moisture.

Made with organic, high altitude lavender hydrosol combined with organic, apothecary French rose hydrosol and exquisite frankincense essential oil for a truly indulgent, effective hydrating spritz for skin.

Use after cleansing, before or after facial oil application to hydrate and tone skin, or as a spritz to 'set' makeup. Skin Drink can also be used as a general cooling mist across the face and body, to rehydrate the skin after travel or as a relaxing pillow spray.

You can also spritz onto makeup or cleansed skin during the day to rehydrate as well as keep in the fridge during hot weather or in warmer climates to use as a cooling, rehydrating mist. Keep it by the bed to cool you down when experiencing night ‘heats’ too, whether that’s weather-related or down to hormones.

The results? Hydrated, moisturised skin that’s cool and refreshed.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated or menopausal skincare.

● 150ml
● Formulated with organic and natural ingredients
● SKIN FIRST formulas, created by Jane Scrivner
● Made in the UK

Why use a facial mist?
If you’ve never used a facial mist before, and you’re wondering why you’d start now, then let’s dig a little deeper. They’re much more than just nice-smelling sprays for your face and can have serious skin boosting benefits.

The main benefit is their hydration levels. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, then a facial mist will help the skin to replenish and hold onto that much-needed moisture. They’re not just for dry skin either - facial mists can add a boost of hydration for dehydrated skin of any type. Even better, they’re non-irritating and usually safe for all skin types.

Facial mists are a great in-between product for a soothing, hydrating refresh throughout the day. Plus if your mist contains skin-friendly fragrance or essential oils, then you’ll even get a daily aromatherapy boost for your wellbeing and mood. You can even use them on your body too.

They also help to tone your skin, getting it ready for the next steps in your routine. Depending on the ingredients in your facial mist, you can gain some skin boosting benefits, like helping your other hyaluronic acid products absorb and hydrate your skin. You can even use your facial mist to set or refresh your makeup.

Customer Reviews

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By Zara (35-44) on 11th January, 2024
"For me, the effect seems to be more toning than hydrating. It does give a nice burst of refreshment but my skin doesn't stay feeling hydrated for long.
I found the spray nozzle to be a bit fierce so I decanted the product into another bottle which gives a lighter mist with better 'spread' over the face.
Zara, thanks so much for this and maybe, to stope you having to decant, you can try holding the bottle further away from your face as the mist becomes much 'finer and lighter' from a distance - hope that helps!"
By Christine Joseph (65 & Over) on 12th August, 2021
"My daughter gifted me this. I thought hmm, well that's different! But omg I love it! I've used it most days throughout the summer, in the morning, it's so refreshing. This will definitely be on my shopping list now.
P.S. The mist/sprayer stopped working. I tried everything, checked it hadn't come apart, checked it wasn't blocked, all to no avail. I then emailed Jane, and within 2 days a replacement nozzle was delivered to me. Excellent customer service!!"
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