#3 HYDRATE Frankincense Hydrating and Toning Mist



Organic, high altitude lavender hydrosol combined with organic, apothecary French rose hydrosol and Co-operative farmed Somalian Frankincense essential oil. High Octane facial toner and spritz.

  • Bursting with trace essential oils 
  • Nourishing and Hydrating to replenish the Barrier Function 
  • Refreshing and toning for tired, dehydrated skin. 

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By Christine Joseph (65 & Over) on 12th August, 2021
"My daughter gifted me this. I thought hmm, well that's different! But omg I love it! I've used it most days throughout the summer, in the morning, it's so refreshing. This will definitely be on my shopping list now.
P.S. The mist/sprayer stopped working. I tried everything, checked it hadn't come apart, checked it wasn't blocked, all to no avail. I then emailed Jane, and within 2 days a replacement nozzle was delivered to me. Excellent customer service!!"
By Linda Darlow (65 & Over) on 5th August, 2021
"Just sending for my 3rd skin drink. I love it and drench my face neck and décolleté every night as the last thing i do before getting into bed. I like to use it whether it's warm or cool in my bedroom. The last part of my night time routine soothes and gently fragrances me to relax."