De-mystifying mists

21st July 2021

Summer is reaching its peak and carrying a facial mist or spritz becomes an essential accessory for an instant refresh for skin. But whilst the ability to cool you down is a desirable thing, it’s worth remembering that your mist can do much, much more for your skin. It is not the ‘innocent indulgence’ you might think but a power player that should not be ignored.

The base of every skincare cocktail

Most spritzes, hydrolats, hydrosols, floral waters and drenches are formulated with extra hydration, interesting extracts and active ingredients, making them an important role in every skincare line up and a fundamental in your daily skincare prep.

It’s also worth pointing out that your mist can be multitasking in ways you might not have considered, or you may be in the camp that finds them confusing and just can’t see a ‘fit’ - do I use my mist instead of a toner? Is a mist a toner? Will it hydrate my skin? Do I rub it in? Do I still need a separate moisturiser? Can I use it over make-up and will the liquid ruin my carefully applied face?

So here’s our straight up guide to spritzing (or misting, or hydrolating)

Firstly, you need to know what you are working with and as we have already indicated, this is a whole task in itself. Check the ingredients and read the labels. The brand you are choosing should be clear on how you should be using. When? (it may have hyaluronics and need to go directly onto to cleansed skin) How much? A light film or a full cover and massaged in maybe. How frequently? (it may contain acids, so less is more) In short, establish how you can get the best out of your chosen mist by applying correctly.

And if you aren’t a reader of labels or prefer to just go it alone, here are the basic rules

To barely go? Generally, skin mists are fine enough to be used under, during and over make-up. That said, applied to bare skin you have the benefit (particularly if you have exfoliated) of better absorption of the mist’s properties. For example, our SKIN DRINK hydrosol, contains essential oil magic of frankincense, apothecary rose and high-altitude lavender. All chosen for their toning, calming, refreshing, restorative, and astringent properties. Spritz over skin cleansed skin and allow the fine film to settle and go to work – the trace element essential oils leave you with that plumped up, refreshed ‘you look amazing’ glow.

Make-up melt down - Using your mist during and after makeup application works to set the layers and fix your look. Cooling as you work, the water content evaporates leaving the actives to absorb. When using over make-up hold the spray at least 15 cm away from the face and spray into the air above your skin, allowing the mist to gently settle and absorb and not soak the skin. Lovers of long lasting, matte foundations will love that extra boost of moisture as the day wears on, particularly if the skin sits more on the dry side.

Supercool - Yes, facial mists will bring a cooling benefit to the skin’s surface. If you are experiencing any stage of the menopause, peri, during or post then you NEED to have one in your fridge and on your person at all times – a complete game changer for hot flashes, power surges, sunny days and all-round skin calming. There is nothing more needed than waking with a hot flash at night and being able to reach for your bedside spritz to instantly cool and fall back into deep, recuperating sleep – as I said, complete game changer!

The cooling mist is your instant fix and if you are choosing our award winning SKIN DRINK we also contain high altitude lavender hydrosol, which is calming, balancing, and soothing and apothecary rose hydrosol which will calm redness and soften the mood, amongst many of its wonderful benefits. Put that together with the toning, astringent properties of frankincense essential oil, a spritz of this will bring a general sense of wellbeing alongside skin rejuvenation.

Lowering the tone - Mists and facial sprays can be used to calm and even skin tone and also to tone the skin in their own right – toning being the action of working an area to bring it to balance and health. Cooling skin increases circulation and so gently flushes blood to the area bringing oxygenation and ‘flushing’ away any puffiness or stagnation. You can also layer your spritz/toner/hydrosol over another like SKINFOLIATE (which also exfoliates the skin). Taking this tip from the professional facial ritual too, as an extra sensuous delight, all those beautiful essential oils and aromas shouldn’t just be enjoyed at the spa.

Do I need to moisturise? I would recommend using your spritz or mist to supercharge the benefits your skin is getting from the other products in your routine. It’s an extra, tissue fine layer, a supplementary rather than a solitary use product.


Using SKIN DRINK before, during and after a water-based masque works to activate the ingredients and can really help release the masque’s properties and add to the experience. MASDQUERADE LOVES to be paired with SKIN DRINK and the two melt together to bring hydration and clarity to your skin.

Our CIRCADIAN VIT C works harder with added hydration, imagine the pouches of encapsulated Vit C just bursting with our hydrating mist – helping the C to absorb and work that much harder for you.


Always check the ‘dispense’ of your spray before directing to your skin, some can be heavier droplets and some incredibly fine mists. Some need 3 or 3 ‘spritzes and some you may prefer to spray directly into palms of hands and press into the skin.

In short, we would recommend always having a spritz, mist or hydrolat to hand, it can boost your current routine, enhance your daily line up and rescue you in moments of skincare madness.

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