Taking Body Care

1st March 2022

The skin on our faces account for around 5% of our total surface area skin. The remaining 95% is on our bodies and scalps. Scalps tend (hopefully) get taken care of with your haircare products but that still leaves 90%.

And it’s a 90% that at worst is simply washed each day with a basic shower gel and at best is moisturised and perhaps exfoliated on an irregular basis. So my campaign for BODY CARE just got ramped up with the launch of our INTENSE CONDITIONING BODY RANGE.

The INTENSE CONDITIONING BODY RANGE was created to share the same facial skincare qualities with your body – it’s the same physiology, it has the same surface biome, the same acid mantle and the same barrier function – so it needs the same ‘food and water’ and the same replenishing, repairing, restoring ingredients on a daily basis. It’s also ‘a LOT OF US’ – more than 90% of us.

I was trained in the Spa industry, travelling the world and spending time with therapists, looking over treatment menus and creating treatment protocols. Throughout this time, it was accepted practice – or more essential practice – that the body was included implicitly in any facial treatment. Even ‘Flash’ facials would include a shoulder stretch or a ‘connection’ stroke. They would include the same ‘application’ the same exfoliation, hydration, and moisture too. The treatment was about the skin and what is under the skin, supporting the skins’ natural structure and systems.

With very good reason. The body skin is pretty much the same as the facial skin, and it can have very different impacts on us if it isn’t in fab condition. Just as we become ‘more experienced’ our skin thins, the collagen and elastin deteriorate, and the hydration is lost (on our bodies and our faces) so paying equal attention needs to be your norm.

It strangely seems to be ok to say you don’t pay much attention to your body whilst you invest in your face, but it truly shouldn’t be this way. And after you feel the products work, you won’t have it any other way.

Using BODY CARE products formulated to address the skins physiology results in silky soft skin, skin that is stunning to the touch and glowing to the look. Skin that is cared for means toned, smooth, hydrated and moisturised skin. It means no ‘chicken skin’ (Keratosis pilaris) on the backs of arms and it means smooth cellulite free, hips and thighs. Skin that is ready for the reveal, skin that is ready to touch.

And it isn’t just ‘beauty’. Body care can also maintain healthcare and muscle care. Having dry, itchy skin on your back or cracked skin on your heels, might not feel too important, but it might have you carrying your body differently, not sleeping comfortably or over stretching or twisting to scratch or itch. As we progress our skin becomes thinner and so nourishing and replenishing can stave off this accelerated ageing of skin and prevent all the associated issues we don’t realise it can cause.

Why have amazingly healthy skin on your face, skin that is cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, nourished and protected but have it all stop at the neck or (if you are an A grade skincare student) the décolleté? Why have lovely skin above and then an imaginary line below of dry, flaky skin, uncomfortable skin and at worst cracking, rough, flaky and thinning skin. Skin that feels itchy, feels uncomfortable and out of condition.

So the importance of taking care of both your face and body is imperative. Looking after your skin all over your body, 100% of your body is key.

Literally Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin, emotionally, physically and beautifully.