Seven Secrets to Beautiful Skin

3rd December 2020

Skincare isn’t always about skincare. How we feel, our heath, our mental health, diets and our day to day lives all stack up to be essential parts of our skincare. Application is just a cog in the complex skincare wheel and a smile is often the most illuminating skincare you can have.  (That and a thorough cleanse, fabulous exfoliation, a little hydration and full on nourishment finished off with moisturising protection of course)

So sharing my total skincare routine is a good a place as any to start this blog.

Taken from The Beauty Bible article 

'Seven things that a woman in the beauty world does to keep it all together'. 

I have my days when I just need to be amongst ‘beautiful things’. It might be a fabulous shop or exhibition, immersed in a beautiful coffee table book or a place with stunning architecture or interior design but whatever or wherever it is, I just find that there’s always something that inspires and sparks an idea, something that makes me want to get a pencil out and make a note. You just never know what it leads to and I’m not about to miss out on that.

Don’t do things the way they are done. If you spend time chasing down THE WAY to do things, then it’s never original, it’s a repeat and that becomes a treadmill. There is always different. Not for the sake of it but for the better of it.

I find getting lost in something and finding the silence the best way to recharge, rebalance and re boot. My head is a noisy place. I’m always planning, plotting, formulating, searching or sorting so I find getting lost in something the absolute best way to draw a line and silence the chatter so that I can actually hear the idea. My absolute best way to do this is to make something. When I’m making I get totally lost in the process and at the end of the process it’s like lifting your head from the concentration to see things in a totally fresh perspective – better than a good night’s sleep!

Speaking of which Sleep sleep sleep, sleep is one of the best skincare products you can have. I need my full 9 hours and I am blessed with being able to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow – which I know can be hugely annoying for many people to hear – but what can I say. Sleep restores, refreshes and replenishes. Stepping away from any electronic device from 9pm onwards, maybe taking a bath with relaxing oils or sitting with a face masque and splashing off before snoozing, keep the window open for fresh cool air and it’s the perfect recipe for deep, beauty sleep.

Nourish, nourish nourish. Skincare is 90% what goes in and 10% what goes on but neither can work without the other. I really work hard to eat foods that nourish my body, my soul, my serotonin, my endorphins and my hormones. I work to stay hydrated, I work to stay fascinated, I work to stay uncomplicated and it’s not always easy, it’s conscious and its hard work. For this reason, I distilled our range to our award winning SKINCARE 5 A DAY. Five products that take moments to use and ensure that skin is cleansed NOURISHING CLEANSER, exfoliated SKINFOLIATE, hydrated BIOLURONIC BUZZ, nourished SKIN ELIXIR and protected OO CREAM. Nourish yourself on every level and see how fab it feels – not to mention how gorgeous it looks!

Move your body and stay flexible. Yoga. I am officially a Yoga Bunny. I said that out loud. It has taken me personal trainers, gym memberships – even a boot camp – to try to find an exercise that I like. Knowing how important I believe flexibility and general muscle and organ health is I persevered but to no avail. I’m the one that told a personal trainer ‘I don’t sweat and I don’t leave the floor’ Then, after 2 false starts with teachers I didn’t suit and teachers that didn’t suit me, I found the ‘one’  and whilst its hard work I find it fascinating that I’m still going, finding peace, finding discipline, finding more body awareness and finding energy and ability to stay focused and flexible. Yoga is my teacher.

Routine. I have my routines. I love my routines, those places I go in the morning for a fresh coffee, the place we meet friends for breakfast and catch-up on a weekend, the friends we see films with every month, the place we holiday once a year that we know inside out and the weekends we say we are busy but are actually staying in. Knowing I have these routines allows life to be crazy either side. Crazy is good, routine is good but neither are good all the time. #lifeinbalance

* Written before COVID, hence the ability to mooch around exhibitions and meet friends for breakfast!